Magnify Learning’s Services

  • Open PBL Workshops 4-day summer professional development programs available for K-16 educators interested in PBL training

  • On-site professional development for K-16 educators, custom designed and delivered at schools

  • Coaching for schools that are looking for long-term sustainable PBL and ongoing support for their staff

Our Training Model

Take a look at this graphic to see a step-by-step explanation of how Magnify Learning develops a partner.

  • Step 1: Initial Contact

  • Step 2: Connect to Partner

  • Step 3: Customization

  • Step 4: 4 Day Training-PBL Jumpstart

  • Step 5: 2 Day Follow-up

  • Step 6: Web Sessions


  • Step 7: 4 Day Training-PBL Advanced


  • Step 8: 2 Day Follow-up


  • Step 9: PBL Certification


  • Step 10: Sustainable PBL



Interested in Our Services?

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