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Magnify Learning PBL Web Sessions

PBL Web Sessions  are a year long service offered for a flat fee. This service includes six total web sessions. We offer six standard PBL web sessions covering the basic elements of project-based learning instruction. Our standard web sessions are based off of need to knows we regularly encounter in our training sessions with educators. Our standard package of web sessions includes the following:

  1. Project-Based Learning vs. Projects
  2. Project Planning Process
  3. Driving Questions
  4. End Products
  5. Benchmarks/Scaffolding
  6. Community Partners

Web sessions can be used  by individuals or by an entire staff for PBL professional development. Linked here are Discussion Questions based off of each web session. You can use these to further discuss and explore the PBL concepts covered in each session.

PBL Web Sessions

Eventbrite - PBL Web Sessions

Want to know more about our web sessions? Watch this brief introduction from Ryan Steuer, Executive Director of Magnify Learning.


Web Session Preview

Want to experience a web session? Check out, The “WHY” for Project-Based Learning, below to get a preview of our PBL Web Sessions.

The “WHY” for Project-Based Learning– Download and fill out this sheet as you go through The “WHY” for Project-Based Learning Web Session.

The “WHY” for Project-Based Learning Web Session Links:

Take Action Resources:

Why Web Sessions?

We understand that two-four day training sessions are not sufficient for covering all of the material an individual needs in order to do project-based learning with fidelity and success over the long run. Invariably as educators develop and implement the PBL process, new “need to knows” or questions arise and the need for further PBL instruction becomes evident.  Our web sessions enable individuals and school staff to continue extending their PBL knowledge by completing the courses in their own timing. As a result, participants have the opportunity to continue their PBL learning process at a pace that best meets their needs. The power of blended learning for individuals and staff is that they can be life long learners on their own time and when it fits their lives.

Key Benefits

  • Year-long, online access
  • Self-directed learning at your own pace
  • Multiple resources to supplement and extend your PBL knowledge
  • Customized web sessions to meet your needs
  • Accountability

To learn more about the benefits of blended learning environments you read the following articles:

The Benefits of Blended Learning

Benefits of Blended Learning

Check out one of our web sessions to get a preview of our PBL Web Sessions:

For more information or questions about our PBL Web Sessions contact: Ryan Steuer ryan.steuer@magnifylearningin.org 

Payment Options

Our PBL Web Sessions can be purchased by both school groups and individuals. To sign up for our PBL Web Sessions you can pay via Eventbrite. Larger groups also have the option to pay via invoice from their school. If a school district would like to purchase more than 20 licenses please contact Ryan Steuer ryan.steuer@magnifylearningin.org to create a contract.

*Upon request, Magnify Learning can award PGP points based on the hours that a person spends in the PBL Web Sessions.

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