Part V: Review Process



Each domain submission will be reviewed, and candidates will receive feedback. Feedback will be given to the candidate, so he/she can resubmit any artifacts that may be lacking or may be needed to provide clarification.


During the certification process, most candidates will be asked to submit additional materials to fulfill the certification requirements. Re-submission of materials during the process is not a failure but an opportunity to validate in a more robust manner the PBL work that has taken place. The resubmission and revision process is crucial to the PBL process in the classroom and should be seen as valuable professional development in the PBL Certification process as well. At the end of all Domain submissions, candidates who receive any Progressing designations of non-certification, may re-submit at a new due date without beginning the process over. The goal of the certification process is to validate authentic PBL work in classrooms and schools.

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