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Most teachers want their class to be inspiring to students, but find that many of their students are bored and disengaged.  We offer a workshop for teachers that trains them how to teach their content and skills in a way that engages and enables students to solve real world problems.


Open PBL Workshop 2019 Locations & Dates






Open PBL Workshops 2019

Magnify Learning offers several open enrollment workshops of project-based learning professional development for K-16 educators, instructional coaches, and administrators each summer.

These workshops are held in various locations across the United States. For a listing of locations go to the top of this page. The workshop daily hours will be from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM. Lunch will be provided.

School groups (including administrators) are encouraged to attend in order to collaboratively work together and establish PBL systems designed to meet the particular needs and culture of their school. Upon the successful completion of the workshop, participants receive a certificate for earning 28 Professional Growth Points (7 per each day attended).

The cost to participate in the 4 day workshop is —

$500 -Individuals

$450 -Groups of 5 or more

All members of a school team of 5 or more, including at least one administrator, attending the workshops will receive a 10% reduction in their registration fees.

Participants have the opportunity to choose between various workshop pathways:

  • PBL Jumpstart
    • Experience a project-based learning environment while you learn the nuts and bolts of project-based learning. You will leave the four day workshop with a fully vetted PBL unit you are ready to implement with confidence!
  • PBL Advanced
    • If you have already been through our PBL Jumpstart workshop, you will enjoy this next step as you drive your own learning process through your Need to Knows. You will learn how to create deeper learning experiences for students, fine-tune current PBL units, develop another PBL unit, and establish the basics of earning PBL Certification.
  • PBL Administrators (Administrators/Instructional Coaches)
    • For our classroom environments to change, we have to differentiate our support of teachers in order to address their specific needs. Come learn how to help your teachers create classrooms that are student-centered by creating professional development that is teacher-centered.
  • PBL Certification
    • Educators with at least two years of PBL experience will work with a PBL Certified facilitator, who will guide and support the start of their PBL Certification work during the four day workshop. This workshop will clarify what is required to complete the PBL Certification process. It will also provide applicants with immediate support and clarification of all materials needed to validate authentic PBL classroom work. For more information click on PBL Certification.

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