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What does a PBL culture look and feel like?

To find out follow Magnify Learning’s Blog: written by Andrew Larson and guest bloggers for monthly posts!  Andrew is a science facilitator at the Columbus Signature Academy New Tech High School and an experienced Magnify Learning workshop facilitator. He manages our regularly updated blog about project based learning with contributions from other PBL facilitators and students. Here’s a few to check out:

Calling all PBL Facilitators!

We’re looking for PBL teachers (or students) to share out about the great work they are doing or to engage in conversation around PBL topics and/or their experience with PBL. What are the projects you’re proud of and that have made an impact on students and/or the community? What are PBL issues you’ve had to tackle? Do you have some “ah-ha!” PBL learning moments that would be valuable to share with others? You could even make it a writing assignment for one of your classes! If you don’t feel like you have enough content for a full blog, but want to share feel free to still send it in. I’m happy to co-author entries if that would help you to get your stories out there. The main goal is to highlight the awesome PBL work being done across different schools!

If you submit a full entry and we decide to use it, then we’ll pay the contributing writer $50. We’re looking for entries of at least 500 words accompanied by a picture to go with the blog. We’d also like a brief author bio (3-4 sentences) and picture. Check out our blog to get an idea of the types of entries and topics we cover: Please send submissions to




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