Magnify Learning Services FAQ’s


  • Who facilitates Magnify Learning Workshops?

    • Our workshops are facilitated by educators who have experience and/or are currently implementing project-based learning in their own classrooms and/or schools. 
  • Will Magnify Learning customize a training so PBL fits in with our other initiatives?

    • Absolutely! Our goal is to build and implement a professional development plan and training which meets the specific needs of your school and/or district.
  • How much do your services cost?

    • Since we customize every on-site training we do, it is best to reach out to us for a quote.  Please fill out the following form, and a Magnify Learning representative will contact you: Interest in PBL and/or PBL Services Form You can also contact us by calling (317)319-1849 or by emailing
  • Our school system is interested in district-wide implementation. What does this look like?

    • This looks like a very exciting transformation in educational practice! Our partnership is uniquely crafted to meet the needs of the school district and to create a sustainable framework for PBL to continue to exist.  Take a look at our  3 Year Sustainability Plan.

  • What types of professional development services does Magnify Learning offer for schools and districts?

    • We offer customized, high-quality PBL training for schools and districts. We also offer PBL training for individuals during our Open PBL Workshops. In addition to training we offer PBL Certification and PBL Web Sessions for individuals and schools. We also offer PBL Coaching for schools who desire to create a sustainable PBL environment and provide ongoing support for their staff.
  • Does Magnify Learning offer any of their services internationally?

    • We are continually looking for opportunities to develop our PBL partnerships.  Please contact us by filling out the following form, and a Magnify Learning representative will contact you: Interest in PBL and/or PBL Services Form
  • What are Open Workshops?

    • Open Workshops are PBL training sessions which are open to anyone interested in receiving training. Our Open PBL Workshops take place throughout the summer.  We also have partnerships with schools and educational programs in other states who host Open Workshops. All of our Open Workshop dates and locations are listed on our website.

  • I am a teacher/educator interested in receiving PBL training on my own. How do I receive training from Magnify Learning?

    • You can receive training by attending one of our Open PBL Workshops.
    • We also offer PBL Web Sessions, which allow you to receive training and support on your own time and at a your own pace.
    • Our PBL 101 Immersion events are also an excellent opportunity to see PBL in action and receive training. These events are also an opportune time to create buy-in with your administrators and staff by inviting them to attend.


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