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At the core of the Project Based Learning teaching strategy is this model of how people learn:

learning triangl

In a PBL classroom, students learn by engaging in rigorous, authentic projects done with community partners that require the utilization of every segment of the learning triangle above.

To understand more about what is Project Based Learning, follow these links to some excellent sources of information:

– Follow the regular blog written by facilitators (and students) at Columbus Signature Academy New Tech High School, a ‘wall-to-wall’ PBL school:  PBL in the Classroom

– YouTube video from CommonCraft and BIE.org explaining Project Based Learning in a simple, yet effective way:  Project Based Learning: Explained

– From Edutopia, a series of articles and videos explaining the history of PBL, supporting research, and links to  resources and project ideas:  Project-Based Learning

– On the BIE.org website, a comprehensive listing of PBL-related resources

– A form to help in the organization and planning of your PBL unit

– On the te@chthought website, an explanation of the difference between doing projects versus learning through projects


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