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Ryan Headshot Executive Director- Ryan Steuer

After leaving a career in Industrial Engineering to teach 8th grade, Ryan Steuer helped create a PBL school within a school called Apex within Decatur Township Middle School in Indianapolis. As one of the first New Tech Network middle schools in the country, Apex shows success is possible on standardized tests and with community impact through PBL. Ryan has now stepped out of the classroom to promote student centered learning practices. Facilitation experience includes PBL across Indiana and Kentucky through The PBL Academy, PBL Institute, Northern Workshops and on school location PBL events. Ryan is also involved in afterschool STEM Initiatives across Indiana and serves as the Chair of the STEM Professional Development Committee for the Indiana Afterschool Network and on the leadership board of the Indiana Girls Collaborative Project.  Ryan can be contacted at ryan.steuer@magnifylearningIN.org.

Director of Professional Development- Diane Clancy

At the end of the 2015-16 school year, Diane Clancy retired from her position as the principal of Columbus Signature Academy – Fodrea Campus (CSAF), a Pre-K to 6 wall-to-wall PBL school in the Bartholomew DianeConsolidated School Corporation (BCSC).  Under Diane’s leadership, CSA Fodrea opened in the fall of 2010 as one of two BCSC elementary schools in the first K-12 PBL pathway in the US.  In 2012, CSA Fodrea was recognized
for the highest percentage of growth on the ISTEP+ assessment in the state of Indiana. Diane received her bachelor degree from IUPUI, her Masters in Elementary Education, administrative degree, and doctorate from IU.  Diane and her entire CSA Fodrea staff received their PBL certifications during the 2014-2015 school year.  She has led PBL professional development for administrators and teachers for the last five years.  In addition to serving as a lead Magnify Leader facilitator, particularly focused on administration and elementary education, Diane also directs the Magnify Learning PBL Certification program.  She can be contacted at diane.clancy@magnifylearningin.org.

Director of Administration -Bob Abrams

Bob Abrams currently works with the Indiana Afterschool Network (IAN), serving as the coordinator of that organization’s STEM initiative.  Previously, Bob was employed for six years by Bob picture 1Economic Opportunities through Education (EcO15) where he worked with educators and manufacturers in southeastern Indiana to facilitate programs focused on preparing the SE Indiana workforce to meet the requirements of STEM-based industry.  He has extensive experience in small business and worked for Cummins Inc for twenty-two years in the areas of financial management and process improvement.  He is a member of the Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation Board of School Trustees, chairs the IAN STEM Taskforce and is a member of the I-STEM Education Initiative Steering Committee.  Bob can be contacted at robert.abrams@magnifylearningIN.org.

Director of Online Operations and Media- Sara Payne

Sara Payne started her teaching career overseas in a non-traditional classroom working with Hungarian high school and college students. After returning to the United States, she spent nine years teaching at New Tech screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-12-56-06-amIDEAS, a project based learning community housed within Decatur Central High School in Indianapolis. New Tech IDEAS was a pioneering school for the New Tech Network in Indiana—being one of the first to implement a project-based learning instructional model. Sara spent her career designing and implementing project-based learning curriculum in the classroom across multiple grade levels. She served as the Teacher Lead for New Tech IDEAS for two years and as a part of the New Tech Leadership Team for eight years. Sara attended and facilitated multiple professional development sessions around the design and structure of project-based learning. Her goal is to use her experience and skill set to help facilitators implement project-based learning with fidelity and success. She can be contacted at sara.payne@magnifylearningin.org.

Data Coordinator-Andrea Behling

Andrea Behling began teaching at CSA New Tech, the high school of the first K-12 PBL pathway, in 2015.  CSA New Tech has been revolutionary for education, paving the way for PBL practice in Indiana and setting an example for schools and educators around the world. Andrea facilitates World History and American History – a course that integrates US History and English 11 in a PBL environment.  In addition to the role of Data Coordinator, Andrea is also a certified facilitator for Magnify Learning, and hopes to spread her love and passion for PBL to educators across the country!  She can be contacted at andrea.behling@magnifylearningin.org.

Director of PBL Certification-Suzanne Diehn

Suzanne Diehn began her teaching career in Michigan where she taught middle and high school. In 2010 she joined Columbus Signature Academy – Fodrea campus as a intermediate teacher. She currently teaches at Clifty Creek elementary, another PBL focused school, in the Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation in Columbus, IN. She was in one of the first cohorts to receive their PBL Certification in 2012. She has led PBL professional development with elementary educators for the past five years. She can be contacted at suzanne.diehn@magnifylearningin.org.

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