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  • student-focused classroom
  • student engagement =student achievement
  • building students’ 21st century skills


Magnify Learning:

  • 2,732 EDUCATORS have participated in Magnify Learning workshops during the past 7 years
  • 76 EDUCATORS have been certified as expert PBL facilitators
  • 260 PROJECTS are available in the Magnify Learning on-line library

Check out Magnify Learning’s Blog:  Follow the regular blog written by facilitators (and students) at Columbus Signature Academy New Tech High School, a ‘wall-to-wall’ PBL school.

LuggageElementary Math PBL: “Take Me On Vacation!  By: Alyssa Mentz           Friday, August 12, 2016

Have you ever planned a project focused around math at the elementary level? Examples of projects at this level with a math focus are few and far between. How should one approach this? Most likely, in a way very similar to what you are already doing as an elementary PBL teacher….Read this post.

Balancing Approaches for PBL Success

By: Andrew Larson     Monday, July 8, 2016

Having done Project- Based Learning for nine years, I can say a few things with certainty. The most important thing I can say is that I have made every mistake that can be made, more than once. With my pure and good intentions of providing students with an exciting, free, and authentic learning environment, I have occasionally lost sight of the importance of this true fact: good teaching is good teaching….Read this post.


MountaintopFive Myths of Project-Based Learning Dissected and Debunked
By: Andrew Larson           Friday, July 3, 2015
Seven years ago I became a brand- new educator for the second time. Though I was in a comfortable position in a well- established school of good repute, I needed something more, though, at the time, I didn’t know exactly what that was. Then, something came along at just the right moment…Read this post.