About Magnify Learning

Our Mission:

Magnify Learning is a non-profit organization of educators dedicated to expanding the use of high quality project based learning (PBL) by offering professional development through workshops, on-going coaching, certification of PBL skills, and webs sessions. By enabling educators to employ successfully project based learning skills, students will succeed by being more engaged and empowered to take responsibility for their own learning.

Equipping teachers with project-based learning tools today, so they can engage and empower their students for the future. 



Our Core Values:

A. Culture

We believe in the importance of building a relational culture with and for the educators with whom we partner which translates into their relationships with students.

B. Authenticity

We have a high regard for and continually seek authenticity in our projects and trainings because we believe it leads to deeper learning, greater engagement, and passion. We value the modeling of PBL best practices and processes and ensure that all we do serves to put PBL in action.

C. Customization

We are committed to providing a customized experience for the educators with whom we partner which honors the good work they are already doing and enables the sustainability of PBL.


Magnify Learning offers two professional development models:

  • Open PBL Workshops: Four day K-16 workshops in PBL accommodating multiple pathways for PBL skills development
  • On-site Workshops: custom designed and delivered to address the needs of specific schools, school districts and out-of-school programs

In addition, Magnify Learning continues to manage the following programs:

Additional Magnify Learning information:

Magnify Learning’s Impact:


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We love to get teachers to their sweet spot through professional development in PBL!

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