PBL Certification

K-16 teachers and administrators can validate their knowledge and commitment to Project Based Learning by participating in the PBL certification process. Experience in the utilization of PBL is being recognized by an increasing number of school leaders as a valued opportunity for educators. PBL certification allows teachers/facilitators to demonstrate achievement of a high level of quality and success in the PBL process.It is recommended that an educator have at least two years of PBL teaching experience before enrolling in the PBL certification process.

The mission of the Magnify Learning Educator PBL certification is:

  • to establish standards and systems for certifying accomplished PBL educators
  • to provide support and networks for PBL educators
  • to engage PBL certified teachers and leaders in on-going professional development

After completing the PBL certification process, the educator:

  • has his/her school district administrator notified of his/her completed certification
  • is formally recognized by the Indiana Department of Education
  • receives a certificate from Magnify Learning validating the PBL certification
  • receives a digital badge from Magnify Learning validating PBL certification
  • grows as a professional and develops new ways to help students learn and achieve


 To date, 87 educators have earned their PBL certification.


PBL Certification is available at our June 2017 Open Workshops…

Certification applicants will work with a PBL Certified facilitator who guides and supports their work during the four day process. This four day process provides applicants with immediate support and clarification of all materials needed to validate authentic PBL classroom work. There is an opportunity for applicants to interact with other participants during the four day PBL event. The cost of the certification track is $350 for individuals and $315 for groups of 5 or more.  This cost includes the opportunity to participate in all event workshops in addition to the certification process. Click HERE to sign up for our June 2018 Open Workshops.

Certification Review

Certification documentation submissions are reviewed and scored by Magnify Learning Director of Professional Development, Diane Clancy, who is also responsible for the certification process. Candidates who are not successful in completing the certification have the opportunity of revising and resubmitting their documentation without having to start the process over.

More information about PBL Certification

  • If an individual and/or a group of teachers is interested in working toward PBL certification in a separate workshop or has questions about the PBL Certification process, please contact Diane Clancy at diane.clancy@magnifylearningIN.org.
  • Individual Certification costs $75/person & Groups of 5 or more cost $50/person
  • For more detailed information about the Magnify Learning PBL certification program, click on PBL CERTIFICATION.








  1. Christine Olivieri

    Hello, Can you please tell me when your next PBL certification classes will be offered?
    Thank you.
    Christine Olivieri
    Scituate, MA

    • Christine,
      Thank you for reaching out to us! We offer PBL certification year round. I will forward your inquiry to Diane Clancy who runs all of our PBL certification process. I’ll make sure she gets in touch with you!

      Sara Payne, Magnify Learning

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