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Magnify Learning’s Story….

With the objective of increasing the engagement and success of K-16 students through the utilization of high quality project based learning (PBL) classroom management techniques, the Indiana Collaborative for Project Based Learning (ICPBL) created Magnify Learning.   Magnify Learning consolidates the resources of three PBL organizations:the Center of Excellence in Leadership of Learning (CELL), Economic Opportunities through Education by 2015 (EcO15), and the Talent Initiative, a program of the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership.

Offering services throughout the state of Indiana, Magnify Learning enables schools, school districts, and out-of-school educational programs to develop project based learning (PBL) systems to address their particular pedagogical needs. Magnify Learning prepares formal and informal educators with classroom management tools to improve student engagement and academic performance.  The professional development services offered by Magnify Learning also focus on enabling educators to better develop in their students the personal and social skills required to succeed in their post-secondary studies and in their careers.

Magnify Learning’s Mission:

Magnify Learning is a teacher driven non-profit organization offering open workshops in summer, onsite workshops, and customized Project Based Learning trainings with an emphasis on sustainability and authenticity.

Magnify Learning’s Vision:

By equipping teachers with the tools and skills of PBL, we help move kids from apathetic to empowered.

Magnify Learning’s Goals:

  • Increase the number of K-16 educators successfully trained in and utilizing PBL
  • Increase partnerships between K-16 educators and community members to develop and deliver projects
  • Prepare and support the utilization of PBL, leading to increased student engagement, academic achievement, and the development of college and career readiness

We love to get teachers to their sweet spot through professional development in PBL!


Magnify Learning offers two professional development models:

  • Four day K-16 workshops in PBL held in three Indiana locations each June, accommodating multiple pathways for PBL skills development
  • On-site workshops, custom designed and delivered to address the needs of specific schools, school districts and out-of-school programs

In addition, Magnify Learning continues to manage the following programs:

  • The PBL Teacher Certification process to recognize those educators who are experienced and successful in the utilization of the PBL teaching strategy.
  • Indiana PBL website (http://www.rose-prism.org/moodle/prism/icpbl/), which houses the on-line PBL certification process, a library of PBL project documentation, and access to an extensive list of related resources.

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